Ehmm Theory Vol. 2


October 30, 2015

Ehmm Theory Vol. 2

What do you get when you cross a bloodthirsty, universe-traveling carnival monkey with a time-displaced, foul-mouthed kitten & his best friend? The epic second volume of Ehmm Theory! Gabriel Ehmm takes on incredible new freaked-up foes with the help of his talking cat Mr. Whispers and the telekinetic werewoman named Mindwolf in the brain-melting tale that has folks saying “Oh my macaroni nuts, this is a wild treat!”

Collects Ehmm Theory: Everything and Small Doses #1-4.

Author(s): (W) Brockton McKinney (A/CA) Larkin Ford
Released: April 2015
Diamond Order Code: DEC141015
Rating: T+