Princeless: Short Stories for Warrior Women #1 Available for Pre-Order!

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Action Lab is proud to announce that Princeless: Short Stories for Warrior Women #1, is now available for pre-order.

Written by Jeremy Whitley with art by a number of creative teams, plus a nifty cover by Jules Rivera, the Eisner-nominated Princeless returns!  Short Stories for Warrior Women brings you four brand new tales from the world of Princeless.  Adrienne, Bedelia, Sparky, and all of your favorites are back, featuring art by the industry’s brightest new female creators.  This book is perfect for new readers, and will whet the appetites of fans awaiting Volume Two!

This book is 24 pages, and is the first of a two-issue micro-series.

This book is listed in this month’s issue of PREVIEWS.  Diamond Order Code JUL120705.  Tell your local retailer that you want your copy!


Action Lab Entertainment was founded in 2010 by a group of indie comic creators with the sole intent of publishing the most diverse, thought provoking, entertaining comics on the market.

Their first major release, FRACTURE, was released in July 2011 followed by the three-time 2012 Glyph Comics Award winning and two-time 2012 Eisner Award nominated PRINCELESS. Action Lab continues to publish genre spanning comics from the all-ages MONSTERS ARE JUST LIKE US, and mature reader books like SNOWED IN and DOUBLE JUMPERS.


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    […] Princeless Short Stories For Warrior Women #1 – The Princess who doesn’t need a Prince to save her is back! In the first of two one-shot issues, this issue features four new stories from the world of Princeless. Written by series creator Jeremy Whitley, and art by some of the comic industry’s brightest new female creators, these stories give a glimpse of the past Adrienne, Bedelia, Sparky and the rest of the Princeless gang. This issue is a great introduction to new readers to the world of Princeless and a tide-over for fans until the Princeless Volume Two! […]